Your SCRS account is considered inactive when no contributions have been made to the account in the preceeding 12 months and no other active, correlated system or State ORP account exists.

Have you ever worked for an employer covered by PEBA Retirement Benefits? Did you leave covered employment more than one year ago and leave your money in your retirement account?

If so, enter your Social Security number below (with no spaces or dashes) to see if we have your money. If you worked for the state prior to 1975, your account may be listed under an Active Register Number (ARN). Enter the ARN as you would a Scial Security number (with no spaces or dashes) and submit.


Please note that if you are working for two or more covered employers and/or contributing to more than one retirement account (i.e., working two jobs and paying into an SCRS and a PORS account), you must stop working in all correlated systems to request a refund from any account.

If you worked for the state before 1975 and do not know your ARN, you may also search by name and date of birth.

First name (optional)
Last name
Date of birth
(Month, Year)
ex.  (01 1950)


For more information regarding other unclaimed property in South Carolina, visit the State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Program website.